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How to prepare for exam?

Here are some tips you can read with your child.

The first step in preparation for examination is to set a fixed time each day to study and a schedule to say when to start the revision and for which subject.The plan should include how many chapters to revise and how many worksheets to work on.1. Parents who do not know the examination time schedule can search ‘exam timetable’ to see the official examination schedule.2.

The second thing is to decide on the place to study.Some need total silence in a library before they can concentrate while others like to have some background music like in the cafeteria.3. So there is no need to tell your child to change the study place if he is producing the desired results.

4. For lessons,pupils must participate in lessons and discussions actively.For exercise,work on the simple ones in the textbook.For theory,pupils can use the mind map method to summarize the facts.

At last,study smart.Focus on chapters that are the core of the subject or difficult chapters.5.

A.Next the most effective way to revise is to use an active approach.

B.Making good preparations counts.

C.Mind map can help you a lot in your revision work.

D.Your child has to be self-disciplined to follow the plan.

E.It is not necessary to simply read from first to last page.

F.The best time to start revision is one or two months before the examination.

G.Both are alright as long as your child is comfortable with it.

Keys: D F G A E


Once up on a time there was a precious sword belonging to a great king. One day, a great dispute (争端) broke out between the king ____1___ a neighboring country. It finally turned ____2___ a war.

The sword was ____3___ (great) excited because he could take part in his first real battle. He would show everyone how brave and special he was. He would become famous ___4____ its power throughout the kingdom. On the way to the front line, the sword imagined ____5___ as the winner of many battles. However, when he arrived, the war had ended, and the sword got to see the result of the war. ____6____ he saw had nothing in common with his imagination. The sword didn’t see elegant knights with their weapons shining in the sunlight ____7____ broken weapons, injured soldier and dead bodies. Everything ____8____ (cover) with blood and disgusting smell. Many soldiers were half-dead and lay on the ground, ____9____ (bleed) from wounds…

The sword realized he didn’t like wars. He preferred to live in a ____10____ (peace) place where he just took part in games and competitions.




1.  Dr. Smith is going to pull out one of my __________ (tooth). 2016高考全国卷】

2.       Teachers have to constantly update their knowledge in order to maintain their professional __________ (compete).2011高考全国卷】

3.  Lang Lang is a world-class young        (piano) who grew up in Shenyang.

4        (try)by food processing plants in Germany have concluded that foods covered with the glass can store longer than those stored in normal condition.


1.       But studies show that __________ (beauty) goods often fail to deliver happiness. 2016高考】

2.       Corn uses __________ (little) water than rice and creates less fertilizer(化肥) runoff. 2018高考全国卷 = 2 \* ROMAN II

3.  This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their          (nature) course.

4.  Games are often          (excite) and dramatic, but they generally aren’t very intellectual.


1.        Experimental purchases- such as trips, concerts and special meals-are more __________ (deep) connected to our sense of self.

2.        Hardly able to control himself, Hans __________ (excite) cried back.


1.       The sun was setting when my car __________ (break) down near a remote village.

2.       In 2006, I __________ (feel) I needed a new challenge so I decided to take a film-making course. 2016高考广东佛山二模】

3.       Unless extra money __________ (find), the theater will close.

4.  We are confident that the environment ________ by our further efforts to reduce pollution. (improve)

5.  I learned that he was 21 years old, __________ (study) Asian literature and history at Sydney University.

6.  Jenny was practicing her speech in the hall when she heard her name __________ (call).

7.  It took years of work __________ (reduce) the industrial pollution and clean the water.


1.  I wanted to reward the old woman for the trouble I had caused          .

2.  I had to buy         these books because I didn’t know which one was good.

3.  You can drop in or just give me a call,         will do.

4 .  Well, there are green trees and colorful flowers on          sides of the street.

5.  Don’t take the note book away. My wife is using          .

6.  I’m moving to the country side because the air there is much fresher than          in the city.


1. Fall in Love with English爱上英语

Hiding behind the loose dusty curtain, a teenager packed up his overcoat into the suitcase. He planned to leave home at dusk though there was thunder and lightning outdoors. He had got to do this because he was tired of his parents’ nagging about his English study and did not want to go through it any longer. He couldn’t get along well with English and disliked joining in English classes because he thought his teacher ignored him on purpose. As a result, his score in each exam never added up to over 60.

    His partner was concerned about him very much. She understood exactly what he was suffering from, but entirely disagreed with his idea. In order to calm him down and settle his problem, she talked with him face to face and swapped a series of learning tips with him. The items she set down helped him find the highway to studying English well.

    The teenager was grateful and got great power from his friend’s words. Now, he has recovered from being upset and has fallen in love with English.


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